The Roads Are Not Safe

When snow hits the ground, all eyes of wishful students go straight to Twitter in hopes of convincing the district superintendent, Bernard Dubray, of a snow day. While some tweets are more convincing than others, one tweet that constantly sticks out from all the rest are from The Roads Are Not Safe boys. Most students know they can look in one direction to find funny but still persuasive content.

That one place is senior Cooper Strayhorn’s twitter profile.

The infamous roads are not safe boys are made up of three upperclassmen- senior Cooper Strayhorn, senior Jack Meuse and junior Alex Hermann. After starting out as a fun joke among themselves, the trio has received a lot of buzz.

“We didn’t even mean for this to become what it has,” Hermann said. “The real skit was going to be [Jack Meuse] slipping on ice, and it was going to just be a real stupid video.”

While the group was not trying to get this much attention in the district, they designed merchandise to represent the brand they had unintentionally created. The black long sleeve t-shirts says “The Roads Are Not Safe” along with a silhouette of a person slipping.

“The whole goal of the merchandise being sold was to get the word around and help promote our videos,” Strayhorn said. “We received an outpouring number of sales and we plan on releasing more in the future.”

The groups most recent video has gained a lot of attention getting over 10,000 views on their collaboration with videographer, Juan Wilson. The video, shot by Wilson, displayed a more music video type of the skit by adding music and cool transitions to make a more creative flow. The production quality increased because instead of being shot with a regular iPhone, it had professional editing and music.

“Working with the Roads Are Not Safe Boys was actually a blast,” Wilson said. “Their videos have been getting better and more creative, which is why I wanted to try and film a collaborative video with them. High school students often have a negative stigma placed upon them, which is why I love displaying their creativity in my projects.”

While they have plans for the rest of the school year, the group will not continue on to as two members are graduating.

“Cooper [Strayhorn] and Jack [Meuse] are graduating this year, and I do not plan on continuing it by myself, so The Roads Are Not Safe Boys are ending after this school year,” Hermann said.

Although the group will be going separate ways, their lasting impact will leave students thinking of them every time they wish for a snow day.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the roads are just not safe.