Mindful Monday

SOS club is teaming up with PLTW in order to help improve student mental health

Earlier this week, SOS Club and the Biomedical Innovations class put together a presentation regarding self-care. The presentation entailed definitions of self-care, reasons why it is important and even had a bingo game including different methods to improve mental wellbeing.

“Mindful Monday is a great way for people to learn healthy ways to de-stress as well as other self-care things,” junior Andrew Eacho said. “[SOS club’s] main goal in putting these on is to help people and give back to our community and our school.”

Mindful Mondays take place in the collab lab during each hour and at all lunches. Everyone is welcome to attend, and attendance is strongly encouraged to those who are feeling slightly down or mentally unhealthy.

“I think that students that participate will learn how to better handle their mental wellbeing. Learning about things such as self-care, managing stress, depression, etc are very important,” senior Melanie Lyons said.

The next Mindful Monday will take place on Nov. 25, and SOS club plans to have presentations on the last Monday of every month following that.