A Decade Makes A Difference

Going off the heels of the glow up challenge, seniors showcase their major changes over the last 10 years.

With their little shoes tied in bunny ears, their backpacks too big for their bodies and their lunchboxes packed with Lunchables 10 years ago, the class of 2019 was ready to jump into second grade. 10 years later, now seniors, the grade has grown tremendously and blossomed into the people they were meant to be. Not only did their looks change, but also their personalities and qualities that make them who they are. 

“[In 2009] I had braces, short hair, cle glasses,” senior Adrianne Hammond said. “I always tried to be the center of attention no matter what it was or where I was. I also tried to be the teacher’s pet in third grade all the time. I thought everything was about me and that everything has to be about me, and I lied a lot about stupid things.”

Adrianne Hamond
Adrianne Hamond in 2009

“Now in 2019, lying is the thing that makes me so angry and one of my biggest pet peeves. I do not think everything has to be about me and honestly I hate being the center of attention,” Hammond said

Adrianne Hammond in 2019

“I was super shy and quiet,” senior Terra Stevens said. “I would not even talk that much to my friends, I would just read books. Something I still think about [from 10 years ago] is that I cheated on a test and was not sneaky at all, so my teacher made me go sit in the hallway; I’m still kinda embarrassed.”

Tara Stevens
Tara Stevens in 2009.

“I’m more outgoing and comfortable around people [now]. I tend not to care what people think about me, and it gives me confidence around my friends or new people,” Stevens said.

Tara Stevens
Tara Stevens in 2019.