Graduation Bucketlist

Graduation is soon and time is running out, check off some events before it is here.

The seniors only have a few more chances to be involved in school spirit.

Colleen Hende

The seniors only have a few more chances to be involved in school spirit.

Seniors only have one semester of high school left but luckily, there are still many opportunities for seniors to make the most of their time.

  • Attend senior activities: The 2019 class officers plan exciting events specifically for seniors. This is a great opportunity to get to make memories with friends.

“I would encourage seniors to come to the events to really get to see all their fellow classmates and to just have fun and relax from the stress of school,” senior class president Suzy Powers said. “I also kind of view it as we have earned this. We have waited our turn to do all the fun senior things and now that we are there we have to take advantage of it because we only get to be seniors in high school once.”

  • Go to Prom: Prom is subject to change every year and each experience is different from the last. To make the prom unforgettable, dare to be different and go all out.
  • Go to sporting events: Supporting school sports teams is a great way to meet new people, so try to go before time runs out.
  • Take a risk: Be bold and venture out of one’s comfort zone. Whether it is confessing to a crush or going to a party, there is plenty of opportunities to try something new.
  • Swim a lap in the pool: Go ahead to the roof and have a pool party (no underclassmen allowed).
  • Learn to cook: Prepare a nice homemade meal. This will prove extremely useful in college when eating instant ramen each night becomes tiresome.
  • Tell a teacher that they are appreciated: Teachers work really hard to help students get to where they are and a little appreciation can make them feel great.
  • Apply for summer jobs: It is imperative that incoming college students have some extra cash to start out their school year with. Students might have a difficult time balancing school and work, so take this chance to make as much money as possible.