The Fine Kind of Art

Art club is run by Matt Duncan and held in room 104.

Art club is run by Matt Duncan and held in room 104.

Art Club is a place where everyone is free to be creative and who they are. The members are involved in projects around the school, including decorating for homecoming, creating art in the hallways and commons and marching in the homecoming parade.

“Art Club has a relaxed environment where members can create independently or as a group. Everyone is welcome in art club,” Art Club sponsor Matt Duncan said. “The club is ever changing since what we do each week is based off the interests of its members. Each year is a little different.”

Meetings are every Tuesday in room 104. At the meetings, members collaborate on projects and share ideas. There is always something new and something for everyone.

“[Art club] is a safe environment full of caring and accepting people,” sophomore Haley Campbell said. ”Right now we’re working on a project where we pour paint onto a canvas and watch the colors swirl and dry. It’s really exciting.”