Homecoming Creation

Month and months of hard work and planning goes into creating a fantastic dance.


Claire Pearl

Homecoming takes many months of planning to create.

The dress is zipped up, the shoes are slipped on and students pile into cars. The night they have been waiting for is finally here; homecoming. Being such a prominent event of the fall season, the homecoming dance and festivities require a dedicated club and sponsor. Teacher Sarah Koeneker stepped up to the task of running her club, Student Council, as well as planning a night the students will never forget.

“We order decorations in May, start assembling them in August and finish decorations the day of the dance,” Koeneker said. “I book the DJ, corvettes for the parade and the photobooth in May. I began working on powderpuff jerseys in July. Homecoming court nominations and voting are in September. So basically we work on homecoming related stuff from May through October.”

After joining Student Council as a freshman, secretary Alexandria Diefenbach was ecstatic to vote for homecoming themes at the end of last year. Although her preferred theme, Vintage Luau, was not chosen, she is anything but disappointed.

“If I had to choose [my favorite part], I’d say the whole theme itself,” Diefenbach said. “I love the 1920s era, I think it’s very pretty and elegant.”

Student council puts in an amazing amount of effort for these dances each year and it definitely shows, from the small design on the tickets to the finished dance floor. Once the last of the students drive off the school lot on Saturday night, the council waits until May when they can start planning a new fairytale.