Places to eat in St. Louis

Places to eat in St. Louis

St. Louis is a diverse and mixed community filled with numerous different cultures. With the variety of cultures, there are many places for people to dine and experience authentic foods. There are a plethora of restaurants that include authentic foods from a variety of cultures.

Das Bevo

This German restaurant is located at the iconic Bevo Mill, located off of Gravois Road in South City, St. Louis. Das Bevo is a combined restaurant, biergarten which is an outdoor seating area, and event space, not to mention the very exclusive Underground Das Bevo which is an underground seating area.The restaurant provides a real German feel, and authentic German foods such as a Duet and Original German Pretzels, and signature cocktails suitable for adults as well as children.


“Das Bevo was a very good experience,” German teacher Thomas Mueller said. “I plan on going again in the spring for the outdoor seating.”

Customers are not treated as guests. They are treated as friends.

— Jacob Ward

La Vallesana

Located on Cherokee Street in St. Louis, La Vallesana was once a lesser known Mexican food joint with authentic tastes. Now that La Vallesana has expanded to a larger restaurant, it receives a lot of attention, according to The restaurant is most well known for their tacos.


“You go inside, and, it’s just authentic,” junior Jacob Ward said. “If you’ve ever been to Mexico, it’ll be familiar.”



Opening in 1957, Rigazzi’s is one of the most popular Italian restaurants in St. Louis, located off of Daggett Avenue. Rigazzi’s is the home of the Frozen Fishbowl which is just a large frozen goblet. They are also known for their Italian styled food that is made from scratch. The workers at Rigazzi’s make everyone feel at home and comfortable in their restaurant.


“Rigazzi’s is like a mom and pop kind of thing,” freshman Shea Albert. “Even though it is popular and all, it still feels homey.”


Thai Jasmine

For a more local restaurant, Thai Jasmine on Highway K is a typical hole in the wall gem. This restaurant features thai food, sushi and Japanese cuisine. Thai Jasmine is known for its sushi bar and having great customer service.


“Customers are not treated as guests,” Ward said. “They are treated as friends.”