Mikey’s First 100 Days


The first 100 days of a president’s term are arguably the most critical. For the people, it is the first chance they get to form a formal opinion on the president, and judge the plans he has for their future. As for the president, it is the time to impress and make the promises made in the campaigning stage.

The class of 2018 President, Mikey Fine, has big plans for his peers, backed by an intelligent group of officers that consists of seniors Paola Rodriguez, Riley Turner, Faith Merseal, Tyler Fitton, Sydney Cecil, Benedetta Matthews, and Madori Heiken. Fine’s followers will be paying close attention to the moves he makes as president, and the plans he has for their senior year.

          “While we have a lot of cool events planned for next year, by far my biggest goal is for us to grow closer as a class,” Fine said. “It’s our last year together before we all go off to the scary adult world, so I wanna make it something we all look back on fondly.”

           Fine is supported by many, including the class of 2017 president, Sophia Kamanzi, who has high hopes for Fine.

“The best leaders are the ones who genuinely care about the people they serve,” Kamanzi said. “It makes them more dedicated and pushes them to work harder. I think [Fine’s] happy spirit will be one that everyone will admire, if they don’t already.”

           The former and current president sat down and discussed presidency and Kamanzi passed the presidential binder to Fine. This act made Fine’s role especially official.

           “My advice to Mikey would be to take advantage of the people around him,” Kamanzi said. “Whether that is leaning on a friend when you’re stressed or delegating responsibilities to other class officers, just by remembering that you aren’t in it alone helps ease the stress.”

            With class presidency comes responsibility to make the last year of high school fun and memorable to all. Fine has many hopes for his presidency, and many events to plan ahead of him.

“The event I’m most looking forward to is the senior dodgeball game,” Fine said. “It’s always been a blast to watch, so to not only participate, but actually plan and organize it is something I’m really excited about.”

2018 seniors can rest assured that their last year of high school is in capable hands. The seniors should look forward to a memorable end to their high school career, all in the trust of the class officers and President Fine.