25 Alternative Activities to a Nickelback Concert



KRT STAND-ALONE PHOTO – KRT PHOTOGRAPH BY LIAM SWEENEY/KRT (September 20) Chad Kroeger of the Canadian band Nickleback performs at Slane Castle in Ireland on August 24, 2002. (KRT) NC KD BL 2002 (Vert) (smd)

Nickelback has sprung up to form a surprising controversy. Some argue that there is no arguing that the band is trash. Many high schoolers have taken the roll to make fun of the band because they are the epitome of the 2000s. The boy band is the butt of many jokes which could bring up the question of what to do instead of going to their concert coming to town. Here are 25 things to do instead of going to a Nickelback concert.


  1. Read a Nicholas Sparks novel
  2. Binge watch Criminal Minds on Netflix
  3. Help Grandma find her cat
  4. Make a healthy snack
  5. Sleep
  6. Stain a fence
  7. Go to a Justin Bieber concert
  8. Paint your significant other
  9. Make a yummy breakfast
  10. Pay your respects to a nearby graveyard
  11. Find yourself a stray pet
  12. Browse through Tumblr until the wee hours of the night
  13. Share a laugh with a friend at a popular meme
  14. Do some research on the upcoming president
  15. Go on a jog
  16. Find a job
  17. Sing Christmas songs
  18. Take a mud bath
  19. Learn French
  20. Hang out with a kangaroo
  21. Start a tomato fight
  22. Run a marathon
  23. Befriend a teacher
  24. Go to the symphony
  25. Have cereal for dinner