Humans of West


Devlin Ortega:


Starting in the 1970’s, hip hop became a part of the American culture. Freshman Delvin Ortega has adopted this style of music and what started out as a hobby, grew into much more. Developing his skill further, he became an amazing beat maker. He and his friend produce music and post it on Youtube. Inspiration is hard to come by. Many musician’s insight comes from other artists, but for Ortega, it is a part of who he is.

“It just comes to me.”

Ortega admits that he also receives inspiration from his favorite artist, Future, and his new album Evol. In the future, Ortega is hoping to stick out the hip hop career for a couple years after graduating and maybe minoring in it at college. This career path will be difficult, but not impossible, especially for a Jaguar.


Jeff Kuhlman:


It takes a small eternity to build up a house of determination and confidence. In an instant it can be torn down by a wrecking ball of failure. But is it better to fail or to have never tried?  

“It’s worse to have never attempted because if you fail, you can at least say that you tried it.”

Senior and varsity baseball pitcher, Jeff Kuhlman has had trials that effect his determination, such as the time he had surgery on his elbow, limiting his playing ability for a long while. It was difficult for him to push through that limitation and keep on pitching. He works hard, so he will be able to play baseball in college. Staying determined is never easy but always worth it, even if mistakes are made or if life throws a curveball.