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Derleen Remstedt

TBD performing at Pop’s concert venue in Sauget, Illinois.

To Be Determined

“To Be Determined” is the main motto and name for last years winners of Bananarama and they are continuously growing in popularity around the community. TBD as a whole is a hard working group of students who want to do what they love.

“We’re all pretty motivated and work hard towards becoming better musicians and songwriters as we all want to put our effort into moving forward,” lead guitarist Allan Stacy said.

The band is excited to play at Bananarama this year and are looking forward to see all the other acts perform and share the same talent as them. TBD is trying a variety of songs and genres this year to find their true voice.

“We’re leaving our options open,” Stacy said. “We’re trying a bunch of different songs to see what best fits our style.”

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