Getting to the bottom of pants

Getting to the bottom of pants

From bell bottoms to skinny jeans, pant trends are constantly changing. Many trendsetters are getting fashion inspiration from previous decades. Each look is almost as noteworthy as the next.

Athletic pants

Street styles come and go but one that seems to always stay in style is the classic athletic pant. It is easy to dress it up or down. One can pair it with a basic white tee or for a fancier occasion, feel free to dress it up with a nice blouse.

Gingham print pants

The Unique print gringham has made a comeback in the last few months. Celebrities from Bella Hadid to Vanessa Hudgens have been spotted wearing the notorious pattern. For a simple look you wear it with a plain top of your choosing, or some who go for the more bolder looks, they can pair it with a graphic tee .

“I love gingham print.” said senior Morgan Gumper, “I think it’s cool way to look different.”

Bell bottoms

from Frilly Dresses to peasant tops, many 70’s style fashion trends are coming back, including bell bottoms. Bell bottoms are great to be used as a statement pant. The dramatic flare creates a distinguished look that give any outfit an edge.

Cropped jeans

Cropped jeans can be styled in many different ways, some may have some distressing, while others can have an embroidered detail. Cropped jeans can fit into any fashion genre with ease. For more of a street style approach to the look, one can pair a distressed cropped jean with a graphic tee and a pair of sneakers. For more of a preppy look, one can wear a cropped bootcut style with a striped blouse and a nice pair of flats.

“I think cropped pants are great for the fall.” Gumper said, “They show a little bit of leg and they aren’t too warm.”