Rise and Shine

Getting up on the right side of the bed

Getting up in the morning is not always easy. It can be difficult to find the energy to roll out of bed or put in the effort to get ready for the day. Without proper motivation in the morning, getting through the rest of the day can become more of a burden.

“Initially getting out of bed is hard,” senior Adam Hawkins said. “On a school night, I’ll probably get into bed at about 11:15, but then [I get up] at 5:30.”

Late nights and early mornings do not usually mix. It is relatively difficult to wake up after staying up. No matter how hard it might be, people keep pushing and roll out of the covers.

“I get right out of bed and make my bed first, but then I go and take a cold shower, the coldest possible,” Hawkins said. “It’s pretty hard to turn [the shower] to cold. Every time I struggle. It’s really uncomfortable, but at times you got to do uncomfortable things. If you start your day with something uncomfortable, something that’s actually quite hard to do, then the rest of your day will be not as hard.”

Despite anything that people go through during the day, whether it is hard or uncomfortable, people can make that difficult task and turn it into experience. Even if people do not have difficult lives, starting off the morning right can make a big difference on the rest of the day.

“Eat a good breakfast [and] take your time,” Hawkins said. “For me, at least, I don’t like to have a hectic morning and be rushing and not have my time. Make time for yourself.”