Dollar Store Deals

Items at the dollar store that are worth the buck


Provided by Olivia Kalleberg

There is an entire section of the dollar store to display school supplies.

Sometimes, places like Walmart and Target can overprice items and people can struggle to find a better alternative. A place to turn to for cheaper options is the dollar store. The layout of the local dollar store can vary from location to location, but someone might be surprised by the gems they can find.

“I shop at the dollar store because it’s affordable and you don’t have to spend a bunch of money to entertain yourself,” sophomore Rebecca Kane said.

The dollar store is a great option if a person is planning a party on a budget. From streamers to balloons, be sure to check out the dollar store for any party decor without emptying the wallet, according to

Back to school shopping can be a pain to try and find a good deal on school supplies, but the dollar store has got it covered. People can check off getting binders, notebooks, pens and pencils, all for a cheap price.

Snacks are a great option at the dollar store for people who want something good to eat at a low price. If someone is not picky about only eating brand name food, then the dollar store has some great alternatives.

If someone is saving up money for college, but still wants to have a nice looking dorm room, then the dollar store has some great items. They have organizational bins to easily store things as well as decor.

The dollar store is full of great gifts that a person could give their friends. Like chocolate, candles or cute mugs, the dollar store has lots of options. There is also an entire aisle of fun arts and crafts that can be done with friends.