Planning With A Purpose

Tips to aid in finding the perfect planner

The start of a new semester is always a hectic time, no matter what plans one has in store for themselves. Whether it is time to for a new schedule or start practicing organizing again, keeping up with a planner will be a lifesaver for those who have many commitments.

Keeping a planner is a sure-fire way to keep all activities manageable. Knowing one’s specific planning needs ahead of time will aid in picking out a planner.

Picking an appropriately sized planner and trying to opt for different sizes based on how much or how big one writes is key in finding the perfect planning process for each individual.

“I personally like the [spiral] notebook-sized ones because I have bigger handwriting,” senior Mia Houston said. “They are a lot easier to read, keep me more organized and are harder to lose.”

Always look for a month-long spread calendar\; this helps keep the “big picture” events or deadlines organized onto a single page.

“I figure out all of my important dates that month and write them down,” senior Kayleigh Goodall said. “That way I can see what I have coming up and know when I should start preparing for assignments.”

Choosing a book with durable pages will prevent incidents that hinder the ability to organize the day.

“[I look for] a thick enough paper so when I write in pen it doesn’t bleed through,” freshman Sylvia Onuoha said.

Keep in mind that everyone has different must-haves when it comes to planning so look for features like daily homework spaces and to-do lists for students or hour by hour time slots for those busy with a multitude of daily activities.

Good planner brands:
Tul (available at office max)
Idlewilde co.
Blue sky (available at target)