Halloween Treats To Eat

These scary good treats will add an extra spooky factor to Halloween

Fall is here and that means Halloween is right around the corner. Many have seen spiders, mummies and monsters in movies and tv shows but now there are some super easy treats that people will be able to make to go along with the creepy festivities. 

Spider Cookies

  1. Snap three pretzel sticks in half
  2. Take the top cookie off of an Oreo
  3. Stick three halves of the pretzel on to each side of the oreo
  4. Assemble to cookie back together
  5. Take candy eyeballs and use icing to put them on the front of the cookie
    Addison Jett











Pretzel Broomsticks

  1. Slice one string cheese stick into fourths
  2. Cut vertical slices in each fourth, on each side long ways, keeping one centimeter uncut
  3. Insert a pretzel stick into the uncut section of the cheese
  4. Add a small string at the top of the cheese for an accent
    Addison Jett












Apple Monster

  1. Slice a granny smith apple into thirds, avoiding the core
  2. In the center of each third, cut two diagonal slices going into the middle of the apple
  3. In that center empty section, add peanut butter
  4. Slice a strawberry in small slivers vertically
  5. Place the sliced strawberry on the peanut butter
  6. Add candy eyeballs using peanut butter as glue 
    Addison Jett













Mummy Dogs

  1. Take one package of croissant dough and slice it into slivers
  2. Wrap the slices of dough around a hot dog into a mummy pattern, leaving spaces at the top portion for eyes
  3. Cook the wrapped hot dogs at 375° for 12-15 minutes
  4. Add candy eyes to one of the openings in the croissant dough
    Addison Jett











Jack O Lantern Grilled Cheese

  1. Cut two triangles and a mouth into one piece of bread
  2. Butter the bread and grill on medium heat
  3. Butter another slice of bread and add cheese to the other side of the bread
  4. Grill that side and put the cut out side on top of the cheese
  5. Put a lid on the pan to allow the cheese to melt
  6. Ensure the full piece of bread is toasted to your liking
    Addison Jett