Suit Up for Prom

Non-traditional prom looks are gaining in popularity, so there are more options than ever to find the perfect outfit.


Haley Sakuma

Pantsuits provide a blend between a masculine and feminine style.


very prom season, thousands of dazzling dresses fly off the racks into the hands of excited teenagers. However, some wonder if there is an alternative to wearing the typical prom attire. One way to look different at prom is to wear a pantsuit.

“I wore [a pantsuit] because I [thought it was] unique,” alumni Haley Sakuma said. “Dresses don’t entirely fit my personality, so I wanted to try something different. I got a lot of compliments on it.”

Not only are pantsuits incredibly stylish and a stand-out garment, but the tailoring of the garment may flatter someone who is plus-size or give a thinner person curves that dresses may not accentuate.

“Pantsuits are really cute and ‘in’ right now, and they cover a lot of what I do not want to be seen because I’m a little bit bigger and it’s nice to have more coverage,” senior Chloe Miller said.

Dresses can be found practically anywhere, from stores at the local mall to small, unique boutiques. However, the hunt to find the perfect prom jumpsuit can be just as easy.

“At Express, they usually have really dressy ones for business attire,” Miller said. “You can find pantsuits at H&M, Loft and [other] fancier stores. They’re also at Windsor, which has prom dresses [as well], and they’re usually pretty cheap.”

There are many places to find inexpensive jumpsuits, but the choice of which one is the best prom fit could be a hard decision to make. Jumpsuits come in all shapes and patterns, and the variety allows for a prom-goer to express their style in numerous ways.

“The flowy, flowery ones aren’t as prom-looking,” Miller said. “If you go to the business attire section, you’ll usually find ones that you can find jewels on or add sparkle to.”

Overall, pantsuits serve many functions. Along with being flattering to all body types, they give the wearer an advantage on the dance floor.

“Pantsuits are really easy to dance in, and you are not constricted by anything on your legs,” Miller said. “You’re able to boogie however you want.”