Out With the Old, In with the Used

The new styles are not for everyone, but old styles have come back to life.


Paige Fitton

Thrift stores can be a place to find unique clothes that will make anyone stand out.

Online and department store shopping has taken a backseat to an alternative buying trend, thrift store shopping. Thrift stores sell clothes secondhand clothing at a discounted price. At these stores, clothes can be traded to give a tired closet a little revamping.

There are thrift stores located around the area that is sometimes overlooked. Goodwill, Hut no. 8, Cheap Street Thrift Shop and Plato’s Closet are just a few of the many thrift stores holding hidden treasures. Even more, second-hand clothing stores can be found a few more miles away.

“I mainly go to the Goodwill in Lake St. Louis, but if there is a weekend I can make it into the city, I go to ‘Avalon’ on the Delmar Loop or ‘Found By The Pound’ on South Grand,” sophomore Buffy Parrish said.

The possibilities as to what can be found at these stores are endless. These stores could have anything from bomber jackets to mom jeans, chokers to sneakers. Depending on one’s style, both modern and vintage clothes can be found. Because clothing is constantly being bought and sold at these stores, new items are regularly coming in.

“Usually I look for mom jeans, sweaters, and patterned collared shirts, but sometimes I find jackets and shoes that I end up liking,” Parrish said.

Great deals are always found at thrift stores. Clothing items could be sold double the price at stores. It is possible to find clothing to dress up or dress down an outfit, all for a reasonable price.

“I got a pair of wicked red, yellow and blue shoes for only $3.50,” junior Taylor Kanne said.

Denim is a coveted item in the fashion world, so finding the ideal denim jacket or flared jeans could be a challenge. According to Nordstrom.com, the denim jackets sold there can range from $50 to $80. Many other popular stores have the same price range for their denim, but a thrift store often offers a better price.

“At Goodwill, I bought the nicest denim jacket I have ever seen for $3,” senior Laura Goings said.

Thrift store shopping has all the benefits of being affordable, having trendy clothes and being right around the corner. As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, so go find the treasure that fits the budget.

“Shopping at a thrift store is nice because I like to buy a lot of clothes and I like to experiment with styles,” Goings said. “At thrift stores, you can find one of a kind things.”