Nail Care

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Jenna Price

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Jenna Price

Taking care of nails is an important part of daily routine.

Acts of personal care can be as small as taking ten minutes to meditate daily or as extravagant as preparing a bath full of one’s prized products. A practice that is somewhere in between these two is having a nail care routine. While many follow skin and hair routines, fewer take the time to treat their nails. Outside of keeping polish on them, there are a few products and habits that are essential for healthy nails.

“It’s good to protect and keep your nails healthy, especially when you get acrylics like I do,” junior Matthew Ariana said. “If I can’t make it to a salon I pamper myself at home”.


A major key in keeping strong, healthy nails is having cuticles that are in good shape. Some may believe that cutting their cuticles is a beneficial practice, but in reality it is better to leave them where they reside or simply push them back gently. They protect the nail bed from infection, which can allow for bacteria growth, according to Instead of destroying the cuticle, carefully massage them with cuticle cream or oils. These products can be found in drug stores such as Walgreens and CVS as well as department stores like Walmart and Target.

“My favorite cuticle softener [is] Julep’s Vanish, [I] add a drop on each nail and massage the drops in,” beauty blogger Jessoshii said. “It instantly dissolves any skin that’s grown up on my nail.”

Reading Labels:

Before purchasing any product, take the time to skim over the ingredients to make sure that they do not contain any toxins or unnecessary chemicals. According to, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde and toluene are toxins often found in polishes and can lead to cracking, splitting and brittleness. Also, before applying polish to the nails, use a base coat to protect the nail from chemicals in polishes as well as stains that can occur.

“The skin around our fingers and cuticles is sensitive and absorbent, so non-toxic polishes tend to be kinder to nails, meaning less chance of drying out our nails and skin, which can cause irritation and inflammation,” owner of Luxury London Boutique Nails & Brows Sherrille Riley said.

Giving them a Break:

From time to time, it is more fitting to keep a clear gloss on the nails for a week or so. Applying color after color can severely damage and permanently stain nails. Instead of applying a colored polish, use a clear coat that is free of previously mentioned harmful materials.

“In between manicures, I like to keep maintenance on my nails at home,” Ariana said. “I use strengtheners, nail oils, and I also push back my cuticles and trim my nails as needed.”