The Solitaire

Paola Rodriguez

 “I would MURDER to have Gina Rodriguez play me in a movie. We are like the same person. We are both Puerto Rican, love TelaNovelas, have a strong passion for politics and have the same personality. She is me 15 years older.  I love her more than air.”

Paola Rodriguez, commonly known as Latina fire. Rodriguez claims that she is not that interesting but she REALLY LOVEs everything she does and that she uses an inhaler... a lot. She says that she tends to laugh at wrong periods of time and she also makes some mean spanish dishes so hit hit her up if you ever need anything! Lastly, if you are wondering, she was the girl in the Jaguar suit at lunch.

Paola Rodriguez, Creative Director/Copy Editor

Nov 17, 2017
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Paola Rodriguez