The Solitaire

Meghan Voegtlin

“[a celebrity I would rate a perfect 10 is] I would rate the dashing Calum Hood a perfect 10. 1. He plays bass in a band. 2. He has the sweetest soul. 3. He knows how to write song lyrics. 4. He has chubby cheeks. 5. He the reminds me of a puppy. Puppies are cute. That makes Calum cute.”

Meghan Voegtlin is a very talkative person, that is, as she says, once her get her out of her shell. She says she come off very shy and very quiet, but it doesn't last long once you get to know her. She says she’s very random and always say the first thing on her mind.  

Meghan Voegtlin, Staff Writer

Feb 23, 2018
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