Out of the Park

Changes in the Cardinals experience


Aiden Riley

Bush Stadium at night lit up by all of the lights.

Crowds go silent. Games get canceled. Stadiums left empty. After 17 members of the Cardinals organization tested positive for COVID-19, the team stayed in Milwaukee over a week to quarantine, according to StarTribune.com.

There are many questions arising about how multiple of the Cardinals staff and players tested positive for COVID-19. Some accusations have been made implying that the players have not been taking the right precautions.

“There are a lot of different opinions out there but it has been proven that there is absolutely no evidence that any players or members of the organization broke protocol,” senior Trevor Laughlin said. “It could have started by a member simply getting it from his wife at home. After the outbreak, they did handle it well. T, they took extra precautions, and now they are all wearing masks when they are in the dugout.”

Even though the 2020 season looks different, most fans are still excited to watch the games and feel the excitement through the screen.

“It is different for sure, but for me baseball’s baseball, I still love watching it,” Laughlin said. “As long as baseball is being played then I am happy.”

The number of games might be cut short but the amount of love the fans still have is immeasurable. Even during uncertain times fans still love to see their favorite sport being played.

“[This season] has been fast, but it has been good so far,” senior Aidan Riley said. “[The best part] is seeing them play, honestly it is so nice to see them back out there and playing again.”