Wrestling For A Place On The Mat

Serena Williams. Rounda Rousey. Billie Jean King. Danica Patrick. Florence Griffith Joyner. Women have been shining in the sports world for decades, however, their inclusion is not quite secured. Stigmas surrounding women in “manly” sports, like wrestling and football; they are often doubted simply because of their gender. The girls wrestling program is making strides to even the playing field.

After a successful rookie year, the program is expected to grow even stronger.

“I feel I have grown mentally over the off season and I’m ready to push myself harder than I did last year,” sophomore Kiera Gonzales said.

Despite their accomplishments, the girls may not be respected the way they should.

“I think there is still a dynamic of ‘the girls are taking over our sport,’”Gonzales said. “Wrestling was once a male-dominated sport, and I guess having a bunch of girls coming in and doing what they do makes them a little uncomfortable.”

Regardless of the male attitudes, these girls are changing the way the school thinks about the strength of women. In fact, it is even having an impact on their own self-confidence.

“I’ve always thought women are more capable than what most people think, but this sport has proved it to myself and my family,” Gonzales said. “Seeing that I can do things that the guys can do, and even better than some of them, has made me grow a pride for myself I didn’t have before.”