Life In The Fast Lane

Courtney Harris and her swim and dive career


Courtney Harris

Courtney Harris at the state championships in 2018

The life of a student-athlete is one full of dedication, and senior Courtney Harris has multiple accomplishments in swim and dive demonstrating how determined she is when it comes to her sport.

”I enjoy [swimming] most of the time, but it can be hard, especially when I do not have a lot of motivation,” senior Courtney Harris said. “It can definitely be a huge stress reliever though.”

In the past, Harris has always placed among the top three in the state and earned a state title in 2018. She qualified for junior nationals in the 50m freestyle and has committed to the University of Houston, and is looking forward to her continued swim career.

”I am extremely honored and blessed to be able to commit to the University of Houston, I have worked really hard to be able to have the opportunity,” Harris said. “But it is all thanks to my friends and family. They have supported me along the way and without them, I would not be able to do this. I am extremely excited to go there next year, I can’t wait for the next four years to come and see what I am able to accomplish.”