Springing into Season

Athletes have prepared all year for spring season and it is finally here.


his past February, high schoolers across Missouri sprung into action as they prepared for yet another season of intense sports. Some spring sports consist of boy’s volleyball, tennis, girl’s soccer and track and field. In each sport, there is an abundance of dedicated and talented athletes who are ready to go above and beyond to conquer.

Boy’s Tennis: Satya Sivasankar

“Senior season is the accumulation of all the time and work that I’ve been putting towards the sport since freshman season,” senior Satya Sivasankar said. “I’ve always had a lot of fun as a part of the team and learned a lot about how far I can push myself as well. I can’t wait to finish my last season with a sprint.”

Girl’s Soccer: Cecilia Dimicurio

“The most challenging thing about tryouts is staying humble [and] confident with your skill level and not put too much pressure on yourself,” sophomore Cecilia Dimercurio said.

Cecilia Dimercurio
Sophomore Cecilia Dimercurio, pictured in the middle, is a defender on a club team.

Track and field: Alexandra Springs

“The older athletes are always great at sportsmanship, they push me to do my best and keep persevering. I have learned a lot from them and how to be a better runner,” freshman Alexandra Springs said.

Alexandra Springs
Freshman Alexandra Springs is running competitively for her first time this year.