Photo provided by Yearbook
Photo provided by Yearbook

Athletes to Watch: Dynamic Duo Edition

January 31, 2018


Palmer Sisters

At the age of five Brielle Palmer began her journey with basketball. With the help of her father, Brielle Palmer developed an undeniable love for the sport. Little did she know, her two year old sister at the time, Brooklyn Palmer, would develop the same love for the sport.


“My dad likes playing basketball and he coached me when I was five,” senior Brielle Palmer said. “It was kind of a family thing that we thought would be fun to do, and we ended up both developing a serious passion for the sport.”


These two sisters not only build each other up as siblings, but they push each other as teammates.  


“We are always supporting and pushing each other to be better and that gives us a deeper bond as sisters and teammates,” Brielle Palmer said.


Be sure to keep an eye out for them as they wrap up their final season playing with each other.


“It’s crazy to think that after playing together for two years, it would be over,” sophomore Brooklyn Palmer said. “It’s also great to think and celebrate what we have accomplished on the court together.”


Jake Hampton and Spencer Strode

Although they are numbers “one” and “two” on the court, these two splash three’s. Jake Hampton and Spencer Strode are a dynamic duo due to their positions as shooting guard and point guard. Not only can these two handle the ball well, but they put their teammates in situations to score.


“They both can handle the ball, get us into offensive set and handle pressure situations,” coach Michael O’Bryan said.


In sports, it is nearly impossible for one to carry their team by themselves, that is why a partner that one can understand and connect with is so important.


“On the court we’ve played so long together that we kind of know what the other person is going to do without having to say it,” Hampton said.


As shooting guard and point guard these two athletes have to communicate to get the job done. Not only are these two great friends on and off the court, but they are the yin to each others yang.


“We complement each other,” Strode said. “His strengths are my weaknesses and his weaknesses are my strengths.”


As these two wrap up their winter and senior season of basketball, be sure to check them out at Parkway Central this Friday at 7.

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