Muted Minimalistic Decor

Pieces of minimalistic decor


Photo by Gabbriella St. Jean

Minimalistic nightstand decor along with a simple wall art print.

Minimalistic decor has been on the rise since the ‘80s, beginning with architecture and advancing to home decor, according to This style of decor can also help with organization and cleanliness. Minimalistic decor can include plants, wall hangings and even modern furniture.

Whether they hang or sit on the floor, plants can make any space feel more breathable and open. Not only are plants appealing to the eye, but they could also be a great low-maintenance option as well. Plants also add a pop of green into spaces that are more warm-toned, according to

Wall hangings could be a great way to add a simple touch to a minimalistic spot in a home. These pieces can include macrame or crochet hangings, tapestries and even embroidered cloth canvases. There has been an uprise in demand for these pieces of decor. They can be bought online and in stores.

Simple styled chairs and coffee tables can make a room feel more simple. Thrifting different pieces that fit the tone and mood of the room can be a sustainable way to add color and personal touch. Ikea can be a great place to shop for furniture items since most of their dressers and tables are neutral colored and sometimes have gold and silver accents.

Wall Art
Wall art including photo walls or even unique paintings can turn a minimalistic space into something with color and movement. Photo walls introduce a little bit of a personal touch to a limited space, according to Prints can also be a great way to add a pop of personal touch to any room. These can be found from different artists on Etsy, Depop and more.