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A list of social media accounts surrounding plants

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, buying houseplants has become more and more popular. The demand surged when lockdowns hit and people were forced to stay home, making them want to fill their space with more life, all according to As many people are buying plants, some may not know the proper ways to care for them while some may be starting their journey in collecting them. Regardless, there are plenty of resources online for anyone looking for advice and tips for their indoor jungle.

Hilton Carter
Hilton Carter got his first plant in 2014 (a fiddle leaf fig he named Frank) and has since grown a career from it, according to He has written three books that each center around plants, appeared in various YouTube videos and podcasts, collaborated with Target and Magnolia Network as well as created his own line of products that can be purchased at Carter now has a following of 530K on Instagram where he shares pictures of his 280 plants in his Baltimore studio apartment, according to

Amanda Switzer, popularly known as Planterina, has grown an Instagram following of 546K and a YouTube channel with 834K subscribers. She shares tips and tricks for owning houseplants as well as tutorials and DIY plant projects. Planterina is Florida-based and has an online store with over 250 plant varieties that can be viewed at

“Planterina is one of the many planters that I admire on social media,” senior Cole Blough said. “Her posts are beyond lovely, and she’s always propagating plants, which is probably my favorite plant activity. She has plenty of tutorial videos for beginners, too.”

Tiffany Mah is a plant stylist and consultant based in Toronto who runs the Instagram account @plantmahmah that has a following of nearly 30K. Mah creates Instagram Reels that range from funny plant parent moments to things like soil mixes, tips for beginners, DIY projects and pest control.

Houseplant Club
Created by Erin Harding and Morgan Doane, the Houseplant Club has a following of 1 million on Instagram. On this account, Harding and Doane post pictures submitted by others using the #houseplantclub. By doing this, they have created a hub for the community of houseplant enthusiasts. They also have a book called “How to Raise a Plant and Make it Love You Back” in which they share tips on plant shopping, maintenance and more.