Car Keeping

Tips for keeping a clean car

Having a driver’s license, a personal car and the freedom to drive wherever one chooses is an aspiration most teenagers have. However, the ability to drive comes with many responsibilities. One responsibility that can be difficult for some is keeping one’s car neat and tidy.

Throw away all trash
It can be easy for trash to build up in one’s car. Almost everything today comes covered with plastic or paper. Instead of shoving these materials in a side compartment, it is best to take them to the nearest trash bin after its usage is done.

If the trash in the car is truly a problem, one can purchase a trash can designed for cars. These trash cans cost around $10-15, which can be kept in a cup holder, according to

Keep the upholstery clean
Whether by accident or on purpose, sometimes food and drinks can spill. It is important to clean up spills as soon as possible in order to keep the upholstery clean.

To clean up spills, all-purpose car cleaners can be used. Spray the affected surface and let it dry. Some tougher stains might be best treated with a carpet cleaner, all according to

Keep the exterior clean
While the interior of the car is important to keep clean, most people will only ever get a look at the outside. It is important to keep the outside of the car clean to preserve its quality. Cars naturally pick up grime from the street. That filth can deteriorate the paint and body of cars, all according to

One can choose to hand wash their car for closer cleans or run it through an automatic wash. In the area, many companies provide car wash subscriptions to lower the costs. At Tommy’s Express, basic exterior wash costs $7 per wash or $19.99 a month for unlimited washes, according to Detailers could also be hired to clean cars to one’s preferences.