Natural Beauty

Eco-friendly brands that keep skin and the environment happy and healthy

Keeping skin healthy and going green in personal care is becoming more accessible day by day. With the increase in social media advertising, clean products in the market in 2019 went up by 23%. Consumers around the world are now able to buy from online stores or a nearby Target.

“I found out about a lot of the eco-friendly products I use through social media,” junior Katelyn Irvin said. “My favorite clean product right now is the papaya moisturizer from Farmacy.”

Doctors are claiming that clean skincare products are better for the skin because harsh chemicals have been taken out.

“It’s scientifically proven that using clean ingredients is the best way to prevent skin irritation and skin-damaging,” Dr. Shuting Hu said, according to The Zoe Report.

Not only do these products help keep skin healthy it also helps the environment as well. Companies are ditching plastic packaging and if companies still use them they have steps on how to recycle them properly.

“We take customers used products and sort them so the plastics make it to the right place and with our partnership with Preserve we turn all #5 plastics into razors and toothbrushes,” according to

Healthy skin and eco-friendly-based brands are becoming an alternative to traditional skincare lines.

“I definitely recommended using eco-friendly products because I think they have the same effects as non-eco-friendly products but it benefits the environment,” Irvin said.