How to Stand out at HOCO

“It’s fun to be different,” Maher said. “It makes you feel stronger and more in sync with the free spirit culture.”


Laura Ridder

photo provided by Ben Ridder

 With each day, homecoming gets closer and closer. Couples are figuring out how to get their outfit colors to match perfectly, hair appointments are being made and venues for the hoco pics are being picked out. While it all leads to an enjoyable event, it can get a bit overwhelming. Some worry about the way to ask someone or the style of their hair and nails. Others worry about being noticed or making a statement. If you are one afraid of judgement from others, worry no further.
         Standing out, especially at a school dance, is not easy. Being bold and completely putting yourself out there can be uncomfortable and scary. A simple way to start off, when it comes to making a statement, is to look for unconventional articles of clothing. Senior Aliy Maher is among those who are looking to stand out at homecoming this year. She and her boyfriend are wearing rope sandals to homecoming.
“It’s fun to be different,” Maher said. “It makes you feel stronger and more in sync with the free spirit culture.”
          Adding a unique piece like a sophisticated leather jacket could also be a unique way to show your style. It will add an edge to anything it is paired with and is not done very often in formal situations, so it is guaranteed to make someone stand out.
         Though clunky jewelry has not been as popular recently, pairing a larger necklace with a simple dress could bring one out of the crowd, especially if the jewelry is a bold color. Do not be afraid to play around with more eye catching colors. Having the courage to be able to wear louder clothing is appealing and can really catch someone’s eye.
         Along with using bold colors, stand out patterns is also an effective way to leave a mark at the dance. They show a sense of confidence and good style. Anything from intricate floral designs to checkerboard pants will be considered fashion-forward while making a daring statement.
       Accessorizing and sporting unique clothing will most certainly make a statement at the school dance, but only if paired with a strong sense of self acceptance and confidence. While that can be difficult to achieve as a high schooler, it is much easier once you fully put yourself out there. Most will find that higher level of confidence actually appealing. So, do not worry about the insignificant details for homecoming and focus on being your total self when standing out at the dance.