Leilani Jarosz


Aubrey Wulfurt

Making the most out of her senior year, Senior Leilani Jarosz is involved in varsity cheer, Project Lead the Way, Sister School, Jag Connection and is a Co-Editor-in-Chief for the yearbook. Jarosz joined the journalism program her junior year and has dedicated most of her senior year to the yearbook along with her fellow EICs, Grace Rositz and Olivia Hartman, by making sure every action is executed properly and not a detail is missed for “The Predator.”

“[Leilani] does everything for that book,” junior Aubrey Wulfurt said. “She picks all of the theme layouts and really she’s had to dedicate her whole life to this one book. Some days she spends over 12 hours in the yearbook room just nonstop working.”

Whenever anyone needs help in yearbook, they can turn to Jarosz for advice. She helps the editors with designing pages and the staff members with learning different skills.

“She’s really strong with the fact that she is always in the yearbook room and able to help all different types of staff members,” Wulfurt said. “She is always there to help me make decisions and help when I’m struggling with something.”

Because she is involved in many different activities and organizations, Jarosz also has to manage her busy schedule.

“Leilani is a really hard worker, sometimes when we plan to hang out she has to stay home and do homework,” senior Kelsey Steinhoff said. “She’s always studying and trying to be the best student she can be and she also juggles all her extracurriculars and two jobs on top of that.”

People that know Jarosz describe her as caring and funny. She is there for her friends and the people she cares for.

“She is really nice and sweet and makes me laugh all the time,” Steinhoff said. “She’s so helpful in class and always knows how to do the things that I don’t. It’s always fun whenever she comes over to help me.”