Lauren Baejte


Ella Baetje

From AP classes and extracurriculars to long nights and early mornings, senior Lauren Baejte has survived it all. Selected as a Missouri Scholar 100 and a National Merit Finalist, Baejte has pushed her way to the top.

“Lauren is extremely driven and high-achieving,” sophomore Ella Baetje said. “She sets goals and holds herself accountable to them.”

With a stunning 5.0 GPA this year and a finish in the top percentage of her class, it is no surprise that Baetje is a hard worker.

“I most admire Lauren’s passion and dedication to learning,” Ella Baetje said. “She loves gaining knowledge, especially about anything related to the medical field, and her curiosity is contagious.”

However, Baejte does not stop there. After excelling during school hours, she leads as President of HOSA and NHS. When Baetje leaves school, one can find her at SSM Hospital, caring for the patients. Awarded the Head Companion position, it is clear Baetje has a big heart.

“I think a lot of kids get involved in extracurriculars or events because they think it will look good on college applications and resumes,” Ella Baejte said. “Not Lauren. If she gets involved in something, it’s because she truly cares and wants to make a difference in the community.”