Ziad Khan


Kind. Funny. Intelligent. These are all words used to describe senior Ziad ‘Z’ Kahn, but no words can describe just how bright his light shines on the people around him. From the classroom to the stage, Kahn carries his everlasting positivity with him everywhere he goes.

As Senior Class Representative for the Drama Club, Kahn helps out with the school shows and jumps on the stage to perform every now and then. He is a star when on the stage and shines backstage as well.

“I met Z last year during Into the Woods, we were both on set build and drops crew,” Drama Club member, junior Emma Curran said. “At first he was kind of shy, but overtime while we were all building the set he opened up into this really funny and awesome dude.”

Long hours of rehearsals and set building can be exhausting, but Kahn manages to stay positive, despite the tiring circumstances.

“He’s a great friend, he’s sarcastic but really nice, and he makes everyone around him laugh,” Curran said. “He just has an energy about him that brings up everyone’s mood.”

Outside of school, Kahn is also a dancer. Performing from the comfort of his own home, Kahn’s robotic dance routines showcase his unique style and skill. Videos of his dances can be found on his Instagram @zak_0611.

“I know his favorite [style] is salsa, but he doesn’t like to post it,” junior Abby Doria said. “He doesn’t go to a studio, he just [dances] in his room. I’m pretty sure he is self-taught.”

As Curran mentioned, Kahn can come across somewhat shy at first, but his wits and kind heart are sure to show through.

“I don’t think people see how kind he is,” Doria said. “He really never has a bad thing to say about anybody, and he always knows how to brighten my mood. He’s also very smart, hardworking, and ambitious.”