Mya Bozeman

Being elected president of the senior class is no small task, and for senior Mya Bozeman, she has taken the title with pride. She has made a name for herself as a powerful class leader for her fellow senior peers and the soon to be successors. Bozeman’s ability to run the senior class and to continue to care for others equally has proved her to be a compassionate person for everyone around her to look up to.

“I love the way she puts others before herself, which I believe is the greatest attribute a leader can exhibit,” Principal Neil Berry said. “She leads her class with discussion and direction. I am proud of the fact that Mya is the same positive, approachable person today she was a year ago before her senior year began.”

Bozeman will soon be making her way from high school to college, and she plans to attend Mizzou. Moving over an hour away means she will be leaving her friends and family to pursue what life has for her, but that does not mean they will not be in touch, especially when it comes to her one of her best friends.

“When we first met I thought that maybe our personalities wouldn’t fit together, but now I realize that is what makes our friendship so unique,” senior Mireia Marce said. “Our personalities are so different that we complement each other. I’m 100% sure that [she is] going to do something big in the future.”