Camryn Bridges


Lillianne Dattlio

Being a dancer for eight years, senior Camryn Bridges has poured her heart and soul into each performance. Her work ethic has structured her into becoming the outstanding dancer she is today. Previously seen on the Lifetime hit series, Dance Moms, Bridges has become a large inspiration, making a name for herself both on and off the stage.

“[Camryn] has inspired me by the way she works so hard in everything she does,” freshman Lillianne Dattlio said. “Being her little sister this season has been great because she has taught me a lot of valuable tips that I will use in dance seasons to come.”

Bridges is a light of purity and a positive influence for everyone in her life.

“[Camryn] means the world to me,” coach Rachel Damlow said. “She is like a daughter to me, and I have loved having the opportunity to not only watch her dance but grow into an amazing person.”

After graduation, Bridges plans on moving to Los Angeles, California to further pursue her dance career.