A Pleasing Podcast

A review of Emma Chamberlain’s podcast

Emma Chamberlain, a popular influencer, released her first podcast on Feb.14, 2020. This podcast is called “Anything Goes,” primarily because anything goes on this podcast. Ranging from relationship advice, random thoughts, stories and Q&As, Chamberlain discusses it all. Listeners and fans can look forward to a new episode every Thursday, all according to rambleofficial.com.

Because Chamberlain is a young adult at 20 years old, she has faced some of the same struggles many of her teen listeners faced as well. These listeners can send in questions and scenarios and hear Chamberlain’s honest and raw advice. As a result, many young, impressionable and vulnerable listeners have received advice that will help them navigate the world.

Chamberlain is not only great at giving advice, but what is so unique about her is her humor. She connects to her fans in a way not many influencers are able to do. She shows her true self to her fans in her humor. Being an influencer is a job, and to most influencers they feel as though making content is their job. Chamberlain, however, puts not only hard work into her content, but she puts art, passion and her own identity into it.

Whether it is getting ready in the morning, driving to school or even making dinner, podcasts can be listened to when doing just about anything. What is so special about “Anything Goes” is that, while doing everyday tasks, listeners can feel as though they are getting personal advice from a close friend or big sister.