A Year Of Music

Spotify Premium users are able to view their most listened to music and artist with 2019 Wrapped

Music can play a big role in many people’s lives. With 2019 Wrapped, which is available to Spotify Premium users, it allows listeners to see insights from their past year and years previous. Features include top songs, top artists, total minutes listened, top genre, and top podcasts with minutes listened.

“2019 Wrapped was able to tell me just how much music I listen to, and it was a representation of how my music has changed in the past year,” junior Allison Merz said. “My favorite feature was the minutes listened.”

Along with showing this year’s top songs and artists, it includes listening hours from the decade. With the 2010’s coming to an end, it also gives listeners top songs from the decade.

“I’ve had the app since 2015,” Merz said. “[The decade feature] was one of the coolest things about this year as it showed the growth of my music taste over the past fourish years.”