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Parker Miller in Little Women in 2018.

Standing Center Stage

From freshman to senior year, getting involved in theater can change a life.

Entering high school can be as intimidating as entering a stage for the very first time. For some, their hands shake, their knees buckle and their breath is stolen. For others, like senior Parker Miller, rocking any stage comes naturally.

“My freshman year I knew that I loved theater, and the first meeting absolutely enthralled me because the people were kind and the officers were inviting and charismatic,” Miller said.

After finding his theater niche, Miller began to thrive. He found a new school family that allowed him to pursue his dreams.

“Performing has overall made me more confident, persistent, helps me deal with rejection more and has allowed me to really break through a shell of self-doubt that had been around me,” Miller said. “It’s what I love and I hope that I can continue in that.”

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