Steve Perry Comeback

A new album from Journey’s frontman

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The cover for Steve Perrys new album

The cover for Steve Perry’s new album

Journey is well known by many fans as being one of the most successful rock bands in history. With timeless hits like “Don’t Stop Believin”, “Any Way You Want It” and “Open Arms”, the list goes on and on. What most people do not know about Journey, however, mainly has to do with their lead singer. Steve Perry’s iconic lead vocals are one of the reasons that Journey has been so successful, but he has not been a part of the band for almost 25 years. In the past year, Perry has made a comeback that nobody expected. He is releasing his first album since 1995.

“I really hope that he brings back that idea, and that feel, that he had back then,” senior Jacob Ward said. “[His new single] has a nostalgic sound, and it’s something that you want to listen to, but it’s just very lyrically cliche.”

Perry’s new album is titled “Traces” and will be released everywhere on Oct. 25. He has released his first single from the album, called “No Erasin’,” in mid August. Since then, it seems that listeners have been very pleased with the single and are looking forward to hearing the rest of the album.

“If you look at the cover, the cover represents kind of what the music is about,” Perry said, according to “There’s traces of emotion, traces of my past, traces of iconic images which connect to my past on the cover, and those are all in the album, too.”