Photo Provided by Ryan Fetsch
Photo Provided by Ryan Fetsch

Madden 18 Review

November 1, 2017

When discussing the topic of the best sports video games, not bringing “EA Sports Madden NFL” into the discussion would be as blasphemous as not mentioning Tom Brady in a debate of the greatest player of all time. For 29 years now, John Madden’s self-titled game has dominated the charts, as they are constantly adding new features, game modes, and improved graphics. The newest version of the game,EA Sports Madden NFL 18”, has shattered expectations. The graphics are the best they have ever been, Devin Wade and Colt Cruise have won the hearts of those who have played Longshot, Madden’s new story mode, and the gameplay is so advanced yet still so simple.


There is more behind these new graphics besides the simple fact that they get better every year. Madden has started using a different kind of graphic software, Frostbite, that makes everything more realistic and detailed. This detail is not limited to players, as the crowds have become more humanlike and the field has become so detailed you can see the turf fly with each step a player takes. EA has used this graphics engine before, in games like “EA Sports FIFA 17” andBattlefield”. Now that Madden is on Frostbite technology, it is sure to boost its ratings.

“[Madden] really upgraded the graphics this year. [The graphics] allow me to get so into the game I feel like it’s the live action,” sophomore Matthew Pecoraro said.

Madden’s graphics fail to disappoint, and this year they have broken through any glass ceiling holding them back.


Devin Wade, the protagonist of Longshot, Madden’s new story mode, was on top of the world, and then his life got turned upside down when he quit. Playing as Wade, the user now controls his destiny in different situations. Whether it be in a game or during a day-to-day activity, every decision they make will affect them in some way. Longshot gives players an even more in depth experience than Franchise mode or Ultimate Team.

“My favorite part would have to be the beginning when the combine in Indianapolis occurs,” Pecoraro said. “Since the prospects are expected so much, it is easier to understand how hard it is to really show up and express their talent. The game mode goes above and beyond and shows not just the combine, but the story leading up to it and after.”

The situations Wade get himself into make the experience all the more enjoyable.


The game of football is more than just run, throw, catch, and tackle, and Madden 18 has implemented that with more in-game controls. Players now have the option for target passing so they can choose where exactly to put the ball, and where to lead the receiver to. Cornerbacks and safeties now have more ability to play defense against receivers and vice versa. For running backs, more power and skill moves have been added, allowing for Beast Mode-esque runs. Another new feature that has changed the game is the pre-snap coaching adjustments where one can change the blocking, running, and passing schemes to conservative, balanced, or aggressive.

“I think that the new controls allow the user to gain more access to the game and really amp up the experience,” Pecoraro said. “Players have never seen anything like this in any video game before since Madden has expanded the access for the player to get more involved.”

When all of this comes together, gameplay is fresh, smooth, and puts Madden ahead of the competition.


Even with the phenomenal graphics and smooth gameplay, Madden has its flaws. Every once in awhile, the game will freeze in the middle of a game. Graphic glitches can occur as well. Although these can be frustrating, they are rare and Madden is constantly sending out updates to fix them.


Overall, “EA Sports Madden NFL 18” is a phenomenal game and sweeps the competition. Its entertaining game modes will keep one playing for hours. The realistic graphics and eye-catching plays make the player feel like they are in the game. Since no video game is perfect, and with the occasional glitching and freezing, Madden is a 9 out of 10.

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