Are Streaming Services Taking Over Traditional Cable?



300 dpi Mike MIner illustration relating to Netflix. (Chicago Tribune/TNS)

Tyler Fitton , Staff Writer

Cable has been slowly fading into the past with the rapid uprising of streaming services of all colors. From Netflix to Hulu, chances are there is some streaming service that fits anyones needs and liking. The sudden emergence of all of these new and unique services leave their cable competitors in the rear view mirror. A survey was taken of 100 students, with 83 percent of them choosing a streaming service over cable. Netflix was easily the dominant service with 54 percent choosing it.

“Netflix has the best original shows and movies which, in my opinion, makes it better that it’s competitors,” senior Hannah Leahy said.

The second most chosen option was cable, but with only a 17 percent of students choosing it. Hulu came in surprisingly low, only earning seven percent of votes, being beat out by Amazon Prime which finished with eight percent of the votes.

“All the options were good, but cable TV beats anything for me right now since I don’t have a job,” senior Brendan Van Keuren said.

The ones who fell towards the end were Roku with five percent, Vudu with four percent, HBO Go with three percent, and YouTube with two percent. New streaming services are being kickstarted all the time, making cable less and less appealing as its prices rise and streaming services drop. The ability to instantly watch favorite shows for a fraction of the cost is causing more and more families to switch from the outrageous cable prices to the increasingly cost effective services. Eventually, cable will most likely be completely extinct due to its much more