Lovely Little Notes

How to make taking notes more aesthetic


Sami Bowlin

By focusing on importance, these notes allow readers to find vocabulary words and key terms easily while making the notes look cuter.

Taking notes in class can be intense and maybe even stressful to some. Some people get tired of their own handwriting, and sometimes people hate how sloppy it looks. Taking notes does not always have to be as bad as it seems: it can be fun, colorful and neat.

“I love using aesthetic styles for my notes,” junior Justin Cunningham said. “I personally use bold titles and color schemes based on chapter, section, and group.”

The Box Look:
The box look is very minimalistic and can be a quick way to take notes while still making them look nice. The organization of the words and definitions can make it easier to spot different words that need to be studied.

Focus on Importance:
Some people prefer writing continuously to keep track of things they think will be important to study to help keep the information present while writing. Taking notes normally can get very messy and unorganized, but by labeling different topics and sub-topics, one can help keep thoughts organized and make searching for a specific topic a lot easier.

Similar to the box look, the cloud look is an irregular design that can be used to organize different words, definitions or topics by using fun simple drawings. Using a color guide can help track different colors for different meanings or uses. It can help if specific color coordination is used to make the notes look more aesthetic.

Sticky Notes:
Using a sticky note pattern with notes might be a good way to keep them organized. By using this method, it can be easy to write down important keywords and statements to remind students just as a sticky note does. By using different colors for different topics or sections can help make it easier to find what is needed to study.