The Skip Heard Around West

The largest senior skip day in school history

Between Operation Takeover and senior pranks falls a beloved high school tradition: senior skip day. After three years of hard work, the class of 2020 took an ‘absent’ on Nov. 4th. At first glance, they were successful. However, seniors may be required to make up the skip day.

“[The addition of a school day to the senior calendar] has yet to be determined,” head principal Neil Berry said. “We had 46% of our seniors absent that day. We’ve never had more than 30% miss.”

The decision is currently in the hands of superintendent Dr. Dubray. The seniors, naturally, have a really good excuse.

“The seniors skipped because it allowed us to have a four day weekend right after Halloween,” senior Joseph Bartholomew said.

As the reigning senior skip day champions leave in May, the class of 2021 will have big shoes to fill.