Taste of Art

Channeling potential into passion

Jameson Enriquez
An art piece drawn by Jameson Enriquez

Sophomore Jameson Enriquez is constantly craving change in his efficiency, his art and his way of life, but the way he expresses himself is something he does not want to change. When a hobby turns into self-expression, it can take one to high places. For Enriquez, his love of seeing and creating art gave him a business following.

When he was younger, Enriquez would admire his grandfather’s paintings. This began the road of his own self-improvement in his art and technique, starting with art classes in school.

“I didn’t quite have the knack for coming up with my own ideas and rather recreated pictures of characters I liked,” Enriquez said. “It was in Mr. Jones’s class in seventh grade when we drew self-portraits that I found art that I was truly passionate about.”

The colors of his art, his way of shading, and how he sees his references provide for a unique art style\; he is ever-evolving and inspired by artists he admires along with new mediums of expression. Abstract mixed with realism, the art he creates is vivid and full of colors, and it is brought together in an artistic manner that he articulates.

“My art and the way I create reflect my own personality,” Enriquez said. “I’m trying to almost disconnect my brain while creating and just let myself go off what I feel at the moment. It’s inspiring me to be more impulsive and step back when something is out of my control rather than needlessly worry about it.”

He posts his art on his Instagram account, where people can pay him for commission pieces, creating a business for him. This has given him recognition from the musicians and artists he draws. His art has also been featured in Upshot, a local coffee shop he favors for a peaceful environment where he can be inspired.

“It’s almost surreal seeing my own art in a place I’ve gone to frequently for years,” Enriquez said. “It’s motivating to see a symbol of my current phase in life displayed. I’m proud of myself for getting my art out there in public.”