Honoring Hispanic Heritage

CIA's Hispanic Heritage Month celebration and its impact.

Cultures In Action members enjoy food with Latin American origins

Vanessa Onuoha

Cultures In Action members enjoy food with Latin American origins

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A celebration of cultures and a recognition of the beauty of diversity, Cultures in Action (CIA) held a meeting on Thursday September 19 in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month.

“Hispanic Heritage Month is so important to talk about because Hispanics are a minority group that doesn’t really have a movement,” CIA Vice President Vanessa Palmero said. “Using this month to bring awareness to us and the issue we go through or have gone through to get independence is just one step [towards] the ultimate goal of the end of discrimination towards Latinos.”

As one of the only Cubans in the school, Palmero feels it is her responsibility to educate everyone on her culture and traditions. Cultures in Action has given her that platform.

“CIA has helped me have a place where I can embrace my culture,” Palmero said. “Through CIA, I have been able to present about my country and what I experience when I visit there, and [it] helps me educate people on Cuba from a commoners point of view, not a political lens.”

Learning more about Hispanic figures is especially important during this month, and CIA is sure to honor the memory of many.