Guess The Solitaire Editor

Do you think you know the senior editors of the Solitaire? Test your knowledge and see how many you can guess using the four clues listed for each one.

Editor 1

This person loves to hike.

They were born in North Carolina.

Their favorite band is The National Parks.

They have one dog.

Editor 2

This person was born in Bloomington Normal, Illinois.

They are going to Illinois State University for college.

They want to major in political science.

They describe themselves as “weird, goofy and strange.”

Editor 3

This person was born on Jan. 7th, 2001.

They have one dog and one cat.

Their favorite band is The 1975.

Their favorite thing is Newspaper.

Editor 4

This person has one dog named Max.

They play lacrosse.

They are very passionate about basketball and politics.

Their favorite artist is Mac Miller.

Editor 5

This person was born on Jan. 5th, 2001.

They have a tattoo of their favorite band.

They love painting and thrifting.

They want to study biology at University of Missouri Kansas City.

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*concord, north carolina
*Utah State
*english major – minor in journalism
*hiking-go to all 60 national parks, reading and writing
*dog named jasper
*the national parks
Chloe Miller
*bloomington normal illinois
*illinois state
*political science
*playing with my dogs
*george and rigley
*goofy weird strange
Libby Decker
*maryville uni
*interior design
*cat – salem dog-duke
*the 1975
*quiet, weird, stupid
Devin Smith
*west virginia
*dog max
*mac miller
*funny beautiful humble
*very passionate about politics and basketball


Jenna Price
*painting, thrifting
*two cats theo and charlie
*panic at the disco
*quirky edgy sad