A Trip for Fun, Fighting and Friends

The orchestra traveled to Chicago to not only see the city, but to support musicians on strike.

The orchestra students had the chance to visit famous Chicago landmarks.

Rachel Heitman

The orchestra students had the chance to visit famous Chicago landmarks.


ver spring break, the orchestra had the opportunity to go on a five day trip to Chicago. Leaving on March 12 for a six-hour bus ride, they explored the streets of Chicago and got to see attractions such as The Bean, Willis Tower, Shedd Aquarium and Lincoln Park Zoo.

“[My favorite part was] going up Willis Tower and standing on the Skydeck.” junior Rachel Heitman said. “The view was insane and it was just a really awesome experience to share with my orchestra.”

During their trip, they were scheduled to see the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, but they were on strike. Instead of rescheduling, students decided to join in. The players, who are among the best paid in the field, were fighting to keep their defined-benefit pension plan, according to nytimes.com.

“It was pretty cool because the players who were out there with their signs were very grateful that people are noticing them and are on their side, so it was cool being a part of that,” junior Sarah Ruhmann said.

During their time in Chicago, not only did they tour the city, but they were also able to strengthen bonds within the orchestra and create many fond memories together.

“[What made it memorable was] getting to know and spend time with so many amazing people,” Heitman said. “We shared way too many laughs together.”