Block Schedule Change

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Jordan Hamrick

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Every year presents new challenges; this time it is not only different classes but a new weekly schedule. There will be a change to the block scheduling, early release days will now be occurring on Wednesdays instead of Thursdays. This change has been made to accommodate the middle schools, but it may lead to frustration.

In past years, every normal week for the high schools consisted of an A day on Monday and Tuesday, all seven periods, a B day on Wednesday, only the odd periods and a C day on Thursday, only even periods. Once a month, there was a D day, which is only even periods, but they are cut short. Every school in the district gets released a few hours early on these days.

The middle schools, however, operate on a different schedule. They just have A and B days, where only a few classes change per day.

“Middle school does A and B days,” Assistant Principal Ed Dryer said. “Their electives rotates every day. So what was happening to them was A day B day A day than their B days on Thursdays threw their schedule out of whack. They are going to go A day B day, their early release day then A day B day. It is a fair change for us and it really helps them. It’s just the matter of getting used to a new routine.”

While it will be an easy transition for most, some students have a conflict with this new schedule. There are many clubs and activities that plan around early release being on a Thursday.

“I’m in marching band and it affects us negatively because we usually have our night rehearsals on Thursday nights, but since they are changing the schedule we have to move our rehearsals to Wednesday nights due to us not having class on Wednesday next year,” junior Melanie Munie said. “It’s also going to make it difficult to get through the week because having early release day then still needing to go to school two more regular, full days afterward will make the week seem longer.”

Not everyone will have the same amount of trouble with the new schedule, however. For most, the change will only be a small nuisance.

“Since I am a senior now I’ve had three years to get used to the block days, so having a few days changed won’t be a big deal,” senior Josephine Setzer said. “I assume it will only take me a week or two to get used to.”

The change in the schedule is unlikely to affect people drastically, but it will take time to adapt. Teachers will have to change how they plan their weeks and some activities will have to be moved. While all school levels will have to adjust to a new schedule, the goal is to make the week easier for everyone.