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College Traditions

November 21, 2017

For centuries, colleges have had traditions that they have carried out for generations. These allow students to get involved in campus life and to have some fun. Some of them are crazy, some are weird, and some can be a life-changing experience.


Cornell University:

Originating around 1897 and 1901, every March, architecture and engineering students at Cornell battle it out with a dragon and phoenix that they build. Appropriately titled Dragon Day, it signifies the rivalry between the College of Architecture and the College of Engineering that has taken place for years.


North Carolina State University:

At NC State during February, hundreds of runners run 2.5 miles to a nearby Krispy Kremes, eat a dozen doughnuts, then attempt to run 2.5 miles back to campus. Dating back to 2004 when some undergraduates created the challenge as a dare, the event now is recognized by the school and the proceeds go to a local hospital.


Stanford University:

Full Moon on the Quad started 100 years ago at Stanford. The tradition goes that senior boys are supposed to give a freshman girl a rose then kiss them. There are now tables set up for mouthwash, mints, and refreshments around campus for those participating in the event.


University of California Los Angeles

During finals week, the students at UCLA open up their windows at midnight and yell. A tradition for years, it is a school wide event and a great way to kick off Finals. At 11:59 on campus, it is said to be deadly silent, and then the air is filled with students shouting. It is a great way to unite the stressed, tired peers on campus.


University of Iowa

After a new children’s hospital was built next to Kinnick Stadium last year, the fans and students at the University of Iowa wave to the patients at the end of the first quarter of every home football game. If it is dark, the whole stadium turns on their phone flashlights and wave at the hospital and patients.


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